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interior design vienna projects
Innenarchitekturbüro  wien interior projects
interior design consultation vienna projects


At all stages of our interior design we offer tailor-made packages that are calculated by room and space in m². Usually every project is preceded by a consultancy session in which we set out any further steps.

We advise you

UNA plans with professional expertise and advises you on all questions regarding interior design. The desire for change usually raises many questions, and you may well need a few tips, inspirations or important information to be able to make a decision. Our extensive and professional consultancy therefore comes at the beginning of your renewal process. During our discussion we will already focus on your wishes as they develop, answer questions and set out your requirements in detail. As well as formulating ideas and concepts we provide initial solutions and show you examples of how we can turn suggestions for you and your spaces into concrete realisations. Interior design consultation covers many areas. The following points offer you a look at the various issues addressed by our consultation services:
  • Help with decision-making when buying a property in regards to the quality of the floor plan and related use of space.
  • Arrangement of the floor plan for efficient use of space.
  • New construction or restructuring to remove barriers to optimal use of space.
  • Ideas for allocation of fittings and spaces.
  • Ideas for lighting.
  • Selection of fittings such as furniture, lighting and accessories.
  • Floor, ceiling and wall design.
  • Style and colour consultation.
  • On-site shopping consultancy.
  • Design of individual pieces of furniture.
Contact us for support in your concerns.

We put ideas on paper

UNA plant ideas from the first design sketch to the smallest detail of completion.
Just as our customers are different, so their requirements regarding spaces and designs are different. We reflect this when planning for private and commercial clients. Developing a whole project down to the very last detail, with consistency throughout, requires precise and expert planning.
Taking functionality, design and economic factors into consideration we design tailor-made spaces and their fittings. This creates concept solutions that are as specific and individual as our clients.

The plan is the means of communication between the idea and the experts who are part of the whole process. It is the assurance for you that the idea can be realised, and the guarantee that at the end of the building process, both functionality and design will meet the considerations set out in the design plan.

In addition to computer-generated drawings we also use classic rendering techniques. Our designs consist of perspective drawings, manual colourings and collages that reflect the client’s requirements and turn our ideas into visualisations that are easy to understand.

We turn plans into reality

UNA plant project realisation to meet deadlines and costs as well as to ensure quality.

With experience behind us, we are prepared to deal with the challenge of bringing together the client, expert planners and on-site building supervision, and to coordinate the cooperation of the companies involved within the set timeframe. The realisation of planning and building costs require control by reliable management. We will supervise throughout to ensure that the building process is within your budget. Our plans offer all participants a solid base for successful realisation. They guarantee you expert implementation and ensure the quality, designs and costs you are entitled to.

What it costs

Here is an overview of the costs of our introductory packages:

Coaching – Your Living Space

We will assist you in the realisation of your plans. Using style collages, materials and colours we will develop solutions for you by combining your wishes with creativity and ideas. We will be pleased to put together an individual offer for turning these into reality. Following an initial appointment you can request a Summary Board of styles, materials, colours, furnishing tips and suggestions, all tailored to your requirements and wishes.
60 Min bei UNA plant 95,00 EUR
60 MIN + Summary Board bei UNA plant 385,00 EUR
60 MIN in Ihren Räumlichkeiten* 135,00 EUR
60 Min + Summary Board in Ihren Räumlichkeiten* 425,00 Eur
* These prices apply to viewings within Vienna. Costs for visits outside the city area include an additional charge for travel.


A Shopping Plan is a plan for furnishing and supports you when furnishing one or all of your rooms. The Shopping Plan contains concrete suggestions for design and furnishing. We always select from the wide offers of local furniture shops and include details of their current charges and costs. Using the Shopping Plan you can place the order and carry through the purchases yourself. Of course we are happy to take on the implementation of the Shopping Plan ourselves.
SMALL bis 25 m² ab 480,00 EUR
MEDIUM bis 65m² ab 760,00 EUR
LARGE bis 130 m² ab 1.320,00 EUR
EXTRALARGE ab 130 m² on request

Design Planning

Taking into consideration functionality, design and environmental issues we will create plans for architectural changes to your rooms and their furnishings. A design concept includes a visual representation in the form of sketches and of a floorplan that shows the changed spatial divisions and gives a plan of the constructional realisation. The design concept includes a suggestion for colours, materials and furnishings and a cost estimate of the construction work.
SMALL bis 25 m² ab 795,00 EUR
MEDIUM bis 65 m² ab 1.985,00 EUR
LARGE bis 130 m² ab 2.670,00 EUR
EXTRALARGE ab 130 m² on request