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UNA plant Interior Design

UNA plant is an interior design studio in Vienna and offers interior design both for private living and offices and exhibitions. The design office’s portfolio features stylish living, experience-orientated and imaginative scenery, and theatrical ephemera.

UNA identifies with “uniqueness” and “one of a kind”, and the philosophy of this interior design office is indeed inseparable from these two factors. “One of a kind” also describes the interior designer Ulrike Nachbargauer’s idea to rework discarded stage ephemera from the Vienna Burgtheater in her projects.

“I love to design an appropriate outfit for rooms and spaces. Through its aura and its usage, I create an ambience that reflects the person. I look for that special something that connects the person and the space,” says the Viennese interior designer.
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In February 2021 the Alpha will shine completly new! We are glad to be part of the team.

WORKSHOPS – discover your style of furnishing

In this workshop you go on a search for your personal interior decoration style. With the help of style collages, materials and colours you will create your own mood board that will give you stylistic confidence as you design your own spaces. Starting from September

Registration at: atelier@una-plant.at Lederleitner HOME Store - Atelier UNA plant Schlossstraße 2 | 3131 Walpersdorf
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