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“Treasures of the Stage” is the name for discarded stage ephemera from the Vienna Burgtheater that are reworked into unique pieces of furniture. Whether painted curtains, boards or other objects that have outplayed their part at the theatre but still carry emotional value – we breathe new life into these elements, transforming the stage into artful furniture and bringing the Burgtheater into people’s living rooms .

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We show you examples of how parts of the stage have been reworked in our interior design. In these projects we have included fragments of stage ephemera in the refurbishment. Great theatre in your very own rooms.

Protagonists and Antagonists:

The Protagonists and Antagonists are tables made from the boards of the historic stage floor and are available as limited edition only. The Protagonists carry the names of the main performers of famous performances that took place on the floor during its 56-year existence. Thus tables such as “Hamlet”, “Richard III” or “Titania” are reminders not only of great plays but also their unforgettable performers such as Paul Hörbiger, Gert Voss, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Annemarie Düringer and many more who once stood on those boards.


We own materials from a great variety of theatre productions. If you too would like a piece of cultural history in your rooms, various stage ephemera are available for reworking. Discover our treasures of the stage.