We put ideas on paper

UNA plans ideas from the first design sketch to the smallest detail of completion.

Just as our customers are different, so their requirements regarding spaces and designs are different. We reflect this when planning for private and commercial clients. Developing a whole project down to the very last detail, with consistency running thoughout, requires precise and expert planning.
p. Taking functionality, design and economic factors into consideration we design tailor-made spaces and their fittings. This creates concept solutions that are as specific and individual as our clients.

The plan is the means of communication between the idea and the experts who are part of the whole process. It is the assurance to you that the idea can be realised, and the guarantee that at the end of the building process, both functionality and design will meet the considerations set out in the design plan.

In addition to computer-generated drawings we also use classic rendering techniques. Our designs consist of perspective drawings, manual colourings and collages that reflect the client’s requirements and turn our ideas into visualisations that are easy to understand.