We advise you

UNA plans with professional expertise and advises you on all questions regarding interior design.

The desire for change usually raises many questions, and you may well need a few tips, inspirations or important information to be able to make a decision. Our extensive and professional consultancy therefore comes at the beginning of your renewal process. During our discussion we will already focus on your wishes as they develop, answer questions and set out your requirements in detail. As well as formulating ideas and concepts we also provide initial solutions and show you examples of how we can turn suggestions for you and your spaces into concrete realisations.
Interior design consultation covers many areas. The following points offer you a look at the various issues addressed by our consultation services:

Help with decision-making when buying a property in regards to the quality of the floor plan and related use of space.

  • Arrangement of the floor plan for efficient use of space.
  • New construction or restructuring to remove barriers to optimal use of space.
  • Ideas for allocation of fittings and spaces.
  • Ideas for lighting.
  • Selection of fittings such as furniture, lighting and accessories.
  • Floor, ceiling and wall design.
  • Style and colour consultation.
  • On-site shopping consultancy.
  • Design of individual pieces of furniture.

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