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Here we introduce you to our projects, which all started from a sketch. Using style collages, materials and colours we create solutions for you, bringing together your wishes with creativity and ideas. We work in all areas of interior design and look forward to every new project that we can either supervise step by step or realise for you completely.

Stylish living

Just as taste is entirely individual, living is also a personal issue. The term “style” describes a type of look defined by individual characteristics. For Coco Chanel style was “art’s mistress”, while Tom Ford regards style „as the courage to be your own character and to commit to your own personality.”

We offer you an insight into the imaginative world of living and surprise you with combinations that challenge you to have the courage to design and to commit to your personality.

exciting shopping

To make shopping an exciting experience, we come up with integrated shop-concepts. We create narratives about the products and consider not only the planning of the interior design but also the presentation on the market as a whole. A brand should be reflected in the design of its shop/s.

experiential exhibitions

Lifelong learning. Our exhibitions make you realise that learning can actually be fun. In working with a diversity of experts we create impressive and unforgettable exhibition architecture that tells a story from start to finish.

Idea concepts as initial planning

Everything starts with an idea presented in our idea concept. An idea concept offers you individual architecture tailored to your demands. It presents the spatial changes and the possibilities for new uses as well as improvements in the quality of spaces. You can them turn these ideas into reality by yourself or with our support.

Shopping Plan – a furnishing concept

A Shopping Plan assists you in furnishing a single room or an entire space such as an apartment, a house or commercial premises. Our Shopping Plan is exactly what you need when you want to completely refurbish your spaces or combine existing furniture with new items.