Shopping Plan

A Shopping Plan is a great help, whether you are furnishing just one room or a whole space such as your apartment, house, office or workspace. Our Shopping Plan is just right for you when you want to redecorate your rooms or complement existing furniture with new pieces.
As well as suggestions for design and colour it contains all information on products and prices. You define the spending level for new furnishings and furniture. We look at your price requirements and on your behalf search for the appropriate fittings, applying our experienced eye to find innovative room concepts. We always look at all suppliers’ offers of furnishings before making selections in order to find the furniture and fittings that meet your requirements exactly. With our Shopping Plan you can also order and purchase the fittings yourself, or you can go through the whole process with us at your side. We look forward to assisting you with the process and implementation.

After clarifying your requirements, wishes and preferred styles, a Shopping Plan offers you the following:

  • a furnishing plan with concrete suggestions for design and furnishing
  • suppliers’ product codes and costs, so you can carry out the order and purchasing process independently
  • a stylish design plan that helps you avoid making mistakes in the purchasing process


SMALL: Shopping Plan for one room up to 25 m²: € 480
MEDIUM: Shopping Plan for living spaces up to 65 m²: € 760
LARGE: Shopping Plan for living spaces up to 130m²: € 1,320
EXTRALARGE: Shopping Plan for living spaces from 130 m²: on request

Kitchen and bathroom designs are not included in the Shopping Plan

For a Coaching Session we require a floor plan to 1:100 or 1: 50 scale and any necessary photos of the premises to be worked on.

Optional :

On request we can visit you for a consultation at your premises. Our charge for travel within Vienna: € 45

If required we can measure the premises and draw up complete plans. The price is calculated on an hourly rate of: € 85

We offer a 90-minute on-site shopping consultancy at the store of your choice at € 185

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All prices include 20% VAT.